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~Robbie and Penny have been taking care of my dogs for the last three years. What a wonderful couple that loves animals so much!!! Pet sitting is not just their job it is their passion. With my busy schedule I often ask Robbie to take care of my dog on a very short notice and he is always very flexible and reliable. If I am out of town and not sure when I am coming back, I can always rely on Robbie to take care of my dog, and I always know she will be well taken care of. They are very knowledgeable about pets and I often ask them for suggestions and advice. When I had to put down my dog a year ago, both Robbie and Penny came to the vet hospital to spend some time with him. It was a very hard moment for me and they were there to support me! When I brought home my new dog a few months later, Robbie and Penny came over to meet her and brought her lots of gifts! Over the years they became like family to me. I don’t know what I would do without them! ~Anna (Customer since 2011)

Professional Pet Sitting

When I first moved to Winston Salem, NC from Washington, DC, I did not know anyone or trust anyone with my babies Bear (then 1 and ½ year old shepherd/border collie mix dog and Chaos my smokey gray  6 year old cat). I went on an extensive internet search and came across JAKE AND COMPANY and immediately called them for help. Robbie and his daughter came over and met me in person at my home and met Bear and Chaos and Isis. They sat down and spoke to me about their services and how things would go. So, I took a chance on random strangers and gave them a key to my home and went on vacation. Well, upon my return, Bear had homemade doggie biscuits and I had homemade fudge waiting for me along with a complete log of all of the fun things my babies did while I was gone! I got married and you welcomed Baby and Panda with open arms. That was over 7 years ago and I am VERY happy to report, that I still use JAKE AND COMPANY and absolutely would NEVER allow anyone else to take care of my babies. Penny and Robbie love my pets and take care of them as I do, if not better and I appreciate them and thank God for them every day! Thanks Guys!!!! ~Katrina M. (Customer since 2007- Winston Salem, NC)

​Satisfaction with JAKE AND COMPANY is 100% guaranteed. Professional Pet sitting is what we do and we do it with PRIDE.

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